miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

Stolen Kisses

This night is about love, I am listening love music and I am thinking about kisses, when you kiss someone and you have that beautiful feeling, that’s why I am going to talk about love or better yet about stolen kisses. I was dreaming about this like 1 minute ago.

Stolen kiss, your special person, a beautiful environment and the moonlight, can you imagine a scene like that?

I know everybody dreams with this and if there is someone that hasn’t been in a situation like that I am totally sure he or she is waiting for it. A stolen kiss is a dream, sometimes you feel better things and you can express more.

Just imagine something like this: you are walking in the night with that person, that special person you dream with, you take her to home and you say the normal words, the most common goodbye and that’s the moment when you think about all the dreams you have had, you know it’s the time and then you stole  a kiss. What a beautiful story right? I need to say that a stolen kiss has to be with the right person, if you do it when everyone or a lot of people you are not going to feel the same.

Do you remember your last stolen kiss? Do you remember that person? or do you still with that special person?